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Female Bus Attendants

Salary : 2500 , Application Deadline 20/Mar/2023


Will be assisting Kindergarten teachers in the classroom. This will also include keeping the classroom clean by means of mopping, sweeping & using other cleaning tools/materials within their space.

Responsible for children welfare, safety and hygiene. They may be required to handle children with accidents. They may have to perform necessary child care such as removing soiled clothes, wiping children and dressing children up.

Required to assist during all school functions which are not limited to Kindergarten only.

The starting hours are when the school bus operates.

While living on school provided accommodation, during the previous working day, they will not be allowed to exit the accommodation after 8pm. They are required to maintain their living space in a clean & hygienic manner. These will be shared facilities so they are required to collaborate with their fellow roommates

Leave will only be 30 days a year and can be taken only during the school allotted summer holidays