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Director Business Development

Salary : 35000 , Application Deadline 31/Dec/2023

Strategic Responsibilities

• Leasing Strategy Development: Develop and implement leasing strategies that align with organizational goals and market trends. Continuously assess and adjust strategies to optimize occupancy and rental income.
• Develop a strategic approach to new business pipeline development, primarily focused on leasing of retail and office spaces, aligned with our purpose of creating a global community with a vision to champion innovative and sustainable living, thinking and collaboration.
• Portfolio Management: Oversee the management of a diverse commercial real estate portfolio. Monitor lease expirations, vacancies, and lease-up progress to maintain optimal occupancy levels.
• Expand the profile and reach of Commercial Portfolio and its businesses and promote its products and services.
• Identify relevant events and third-party platforms to represent and strategically position ECD.
• Broker Relations: Establish strong alliances and partnerships with the Leading Broker companies in the market.


Operational Responsibilities
• Market Analysis: Stay informed about market conditions, competitors, and emerging trends in the commercial real estate sector. Utilize this information to make informed decisions and adapt leasing strategies accordingly.
• Lease Negotiations: Lead lease negotiations, including rent rates, terms, and concessions. Ensure lease agreements are compliant with local regulations and align with company objectives.
• Tenant Acquisition and Retention: Identify and attract potential tenants for available commercial spaces. Foster strong tenant relationships and collaborate with property management to ensure tenant satisfaction, renewals, and long-term partnerships.
• Financial Management: Collaborate with finance and accounting teams to set leasing budgets, monitor expenses, and track leasing-related revenue. Maximize rental income while controlling costs.
• Legal Compliance: Ensure that all leasing activities comply with local, state, and federal laws and regulations governing commercial real estate leasing.
• Reporting: Generate and present regular reports and analytics on leasing performance, occupancy rates, and revenue forecasts to senior management and stakeholders.
• Tenant Services: Oversee the provision of services to tenants, such as maintenance requests, improvements, and other tenant needs.

People Responsibilities (only for roles managing people and are standard)
• Team Leadership: Manage and mentor leasing teams, providing guidance, training, and support to achieve leasing targets and foster professional growth.
• Set objectives and evaluate performance of individual direct reports and actively manage key personnel issues.