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Commis 2

Salary : AED 1200 , Application Deadline 31/Aug/2022

We are looking to hire for the position of "Commis 2"

Roles and Responsibility:

  1. Provide the highest and most efficient level of hospitality service to the hotel guests.
  2. Works in the designated station as set by the Executive Chef and/or Sous Chef.
  3. Able to organize the assigned work area and efficiently put away orders.
  4. Able to prepare and sells food within recommended time frames to meet Guest expectations.
  5. Able to operate kitchen equipment like braising pan, baking ovens, stoves, grills, microwaves, and fryers.
  6. Able to produce quality products in a timely and efficient manner for the guests or staff.
  7. Responsible to maintain cleanliness, and sanitation in the assigned work area.
  8. Responsible for preparing and cooking all food items by the recipe and to specification.
  9. Prepare ingredients for cooking, including portioning, chopping, and storing food.
  10. Prepare all menu items by strictly following recipes and yield guide.
  11. Cook food according to recipes, quality standards, presentation standards, and food preparation checklist.
  12. Prepares, seasons, and cooks a wide variety of meats, vegetables, soups, breakfast dishes, and other food items.
  13. Slices, grind, and cooks meats and vegetables using a full range of cooking methods.
  14. Wash and peel fresh fruits, and vegetables and also be able to weigh, measure and mix ingredients in correct proportions.
  15. Have general knowledge of cooking temperatures, making soups & sauces, preparing entrees, vegetable preparation, and a la carte cooking.