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Salary : 4500 , Application Deadline 30/Nov/2021

1. 对公司平台进行渠道扩展,利用网络渠道或其他渠道发展客户; 
2. 满足客户需求并及时推荐公司推出的活动;
3. 复制粘贴发送公司广告及活动
1. 需满18-35周岁,男女不限,国家不限(斯坦穆斯林除外);
2. 首席电脑基本操作,打字速度30字/min以上;
3. 五官端正,身体健康无其他隐性疾病,无沾染不良嗜好;
4. 心思缜密,工作责任心强;
Job responsibilities: 1. Expand the channels of the company platform, and develop customers through network channels or other channels; 2. Meet customer needs and recommend activities launched by the company in time; 3. Copy, paste and send company advertisements and activities. Job requirements: 1. It must be at least 18-35 years of age, regardless of gender or country (except Muslim Stan); 2. The basic operation of the chief computer, with a typing speed of more than 30 words//min; 3. Good facial features, good health, no other hidden diseases, and no bad habits; 4. Be thoughtful and have a strong sense of responsibility; Salary treatment: 1. salary structure: the basic salary is changed from 4,500 dides to 5,000 dides (no performance requirement). 2. Commission scheme: after three months, the net profit is drawn into 5%+single reward+net profit reward. 3. Working hours: 8: 00-20: 00 (meal time is two hours, alternate). Smoking is not allowed for an unlimited number of times. 4. Full attendance reward 500 RMB.